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Who are we?

Trailstore was founded on the idea that we can simply do things better than what you’ve become accustomed to in the cycling industry. We want to break the status quo of what it means to be a bike shop and offer a range and knowledge tailored to the mountain biker.

We are a small group of passionate mountain bikers who want to work with what we love, and to hang out with like-minded people. Our absolute conviction is that if you like something, you will be good at it. And that belief along with a unique asortment and dedication to helping our customers forms the backbone of Trailstore. We geek out on details and follow developments in the industry for our own sake and that of our customers. We’re not here to do the same thing as most others in the industry. We are different and we love to be different and better!

Complete bike nerds that loves the best stuff!

We are complete nerds who obsess about mountainbikes in general who has a deep crush on finding brands that you may not encounter in the “normal” bike shop. Of this we are proud and we are stoked to be able to bring our customers brands as Rimpact (we are their official EU-dealer), Transition Bikes, Revel Bikes, MTX Braking, PNW Components….aaand the list goes on. Is there something we are missing? Hit us up with a message and we may very well bring it in!

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