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STFU Bike MTB Trail Drivetrain Chain Damping Modules – XC / Enduro – 9- to 13-speed

The complete range of STFU drivetrain damping devices is designed to keep your bike running quiet and efficient while minimizing wear. The STFU units contain your chain when things get rough – preventing chain slap and noise from your frame but also preventing your chain from over-extending sideways – decreasing wear and extending chain life. Under tension from pedaling the chain remains completely clear of the STFU units for complete efficiency.  Thanks to their trimmable length, the modules fit the most bike’s chain stays.

As Trail version for Cross Country and Enduro the modules are compatible with 9- to 13-speed drivetrains. In addition, the manufacturer recommends the use on Trail mountainbikes with a single chainring only. The maximum sprocket size for the cassette are 52 teeth. A dual compound hard plastic insert keeps the unit stiff and in place with soft over-mold for sound damping. The material features optimum stiffness for maximum of noise cancelling and durability.

Content of delivery:

2 adjustable modules for chain stay mount

without zip ties (recommended width: 4 – 6 mm)

STFU Bike - Drivetrain Damer


STFU Bike does just that. The STFU eliminates chain chatter while keeping your chainstay in top condition. Quick and easy to install!

Available in store. 2-4 days delivery time.


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