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MTX Braking is the small company with the big passion for mountainbike brakes, and more specifically brake pads. At MTX, they wanted to put better pads on the market than what was previously available. The idea originally came from motocross, where a lot of attention is paid to what kind of pads are in brakes. Among us mountain bikers this is often overlooked, until now. MTX Braking’s brake pads consist of a mix of CERAevo, Kevlar and copper. This mix provides a unique feel. Plenty of power, plenty of modulation and almost completely silent. Brake pads from MTX Braking can even transform the most tired brakes into real powerhouses.

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    MTX Braking Gold Label HD – Brake Pads

    30.00 Alternativ
  • Brake PadsMTX BRAKING

    MTX Braking Red Label RACE – Brake Pads

    30.00 Alternativ

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