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Transition Bikes


In the early 2000s, two mountain bikers, Kyle Young and Kevin Menard, started a small bike company, Transition Bikes, out of Kevin’s basement. The idea was to build mountain bikes that were better and more fun to ride than what was available on the market. Today, some 20 years later, Transition Bikes is still run and owned by the two best friends. And Transition continues to build some of the absolute most fun bikes on the planet. When the whole industry is going left, Transition has gone right. And when the industry has stood still, Transition has taken a giant leap forward. That mountain bikes looks the way they do today has been a big part of Transition’s contribution. Long before the big dragons started stretching their bikes to be both longer and slacker, Transition had been doing this for years. And just like when they started, Transition is still driven by building awesome bikes for all of us who love to ride in the woods!

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  • SentinelTRANSITIONTransition Sentinel GX Alloy

    Transition Sentinel Alloy GX

  • SentinelTRANSITIONTransition Sentinel

    Transition Sentinel Carbon GX

  • SentinelTRANSITIONTransition Sentinel GX Carbon

    Transition Sentinel Carbon NX


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